Workplace Wellness Program



​What is workplace wellness?

Workplace wellness is an organized program that a company initiates for their employees and family members to help reduce health risks, enhance personal effectiveness, improve quality of life, and to benefit the organization‘s bottom line.

5 reasons to start your workplace wellness program

Fitness Lowers Healthcare Costs

Recent studies by the University of Michigan show that employers who emphasize fitness can save an average of:

  • $1,100 a year for every employee who stops smoking

  • $1,200 a year on employees who lower their cholesterol levels from 240 mg to 190 mg.

  • $177 for each worker who sheds enough pounds to move from obesity (more than 30 pounds overweight) to a healthy weight.


Healthcare industry experts estimate that between 70 to 90 percent of healthcare spending is caused by problems associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices that can lead to chronic diseases. These lifestyle choices—whether they are improper nutrition, too little exercise, or smoking—cost American businesses more than one trillion dollars in lost productivity each year.[i]


Less Absenteeism

It makes sense that healthier workers miss fewer days of work. Worksites with comprehensive wellness programs can experience reduced absenteeism for a variety of reasons:

  • Employees with good health behaviors

  • Employees who can control their stress

  • Employees who have healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose

  • Employees who are not overweight or obese


Any wellness program that can reduce absenteeism will experience cost savings. Harvard researchers looked at the ROI (return on investment) of wellness programs as they relate to absenteeism and demonstrated that for every dollar spent on wellness programs, companies can save $2.73 in lost production.

Fitness Creates Less Stress


Workplace wellness programs educate employees on how to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically. With many workers today spending much of their workday sitting at a computer screen, neck, back, wrist, and arm fatigue are major contributors to workplace stress and tiredness. In addition, many employees report eye strain from looking at a screen for so many hours.


Twenty-first century workplace wellness programs offer exercises for desk-bound workers and give tips for proper ergonomics to reduce stress and muscle strain when they are on the job. Advice includes everything from simple stretching exercises to scheduled workouts to break up the monotony.


According to the February 2011 issue of “Harvard Men‘s Health Watch,” exercise has the ability to both exhilarate and relax, and can serve to counter depression and to dissipate stress. Clinical results also have shown that workers sleep better after exercise and are able to lower both their cholesterol and blood pressure levels by following a regular exercise plan.


Fitness Encourages Better Work Performance

Research shows that companies who have a workplace wellness program retain their employees longer than other companies. A study conducted by the National Business Group on Health and the Towers Watson organization showed that firms with wellness programs report lower voluntary attrition than do those without them.

Runner-photo by alexander-redl-unsplash

Fitness Fosters Teamwork

Social support is a big component to any exercise or weight loss program. When colleagues are in the program, they can boost each other‘s efforts and help hold each other accountable. Workers get to interact with each other in a setting apart from the stress of work. As a result, they have conversations not otherwise had in the work environment.

These relationships help build a company culture of cooperation that can pay off in increased loyalty and in the overall good will that employees feel toward their employer. That atmosphere of teamwork spills over into the community and reflects well on your whole organization. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is ultimately an individual decision.

Employers, can have a big impact on their employees‘ lives by creating an atmosphere that shows workers they are valued and appreciated. A workplace wellness program goes a long way in doing just that.

Who are we?


At Integrated Fitness (IF), we work with people of all ages and all levels of fitness, from beginners to advanced athletes. Our facility provides an atmosphere that is encouraging and comfortable for clients to meet with their trainer, allowing them to reach their fitness goals.

At IF, we inspire personal trainers to become the best representation of their trade, reaching their full potential, educationally and financially. We conduct business in a way that is in line with good principles, and we give back to our community.


What we offer

What can IF do for your company? Keep in mind that we will come to your business. Offering ways to get in shape is just the beginning of comprehensive wellness. We offer:

  • Small group classes

  • Private training

  • Organize fitness activities, such as obstacle course races, mud runs, 5Ks, etc.

  • Put together healthy challenges

  • Meet the trainer time where employees can “pick our brains”

How can you get started with a workplace wellness program?

Maybe you have limited space and resources for exercise equipment and you don‘t know where to start. We do! Contact us to
schedule a time to discuss how we can start or enhance your wellness program with one of our Workplace Wellness Packages.