Candace Lord

Co-owner, Personal Trainer

Specialties: Yoga, strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition

Candace Lord is an adventure-seeking mom of two powerlifting kids, and she and her husband Jim Materkowski own Integrated Fitness of Dover. She enjoys staying active and healthy and lives by the four Fs—Family, Fun, Fitness, and Food!

Organized sports were a big part of her life from middle through high school, including swimming, track and field, and martial arts. She likes to run anything from 5Ks to half marathons, especially Spartan races! Moreover, she is a record-holding powerlifter in the State of New Hampshire through USA Powerlifting and Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate.

Continuing her education is important to Candace. She is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise and a certified YogaFit instructor. She also received her PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach certification.

Several years ago, Candace started competing in bodybuilding shows and powerlifting meets. In 2018, Candace won her OCB Physique Pro Card as a natural bodybuilder. She is currently getting ready for the bodybuilding fall/winter 2020 season, hoping the current Covid-19 situation will still allow it to happen!

Candace has been in the health and fitness field for almost 15 years. Helping people of all levels of fitness reach their full potential is important to her. That is why her schedule as a personal trainer and coach is usually packed solid! Her motto? “If you are going to rise, you may as well shine!”

Heather Stover

Office Manager, Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength training, nutrition, OCR

Heather Stover is a multi-sport athlete who has competed at the highest levels in OCR races, powerlifting, and physique competitions. She discovered that being fit helped her achieve goals she never thought possible. Working towards those goals brought her a great deal of fulfillment and joy.


During her time in college, Heather battled anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, and anorexia. She went through therapy and then two hospital programs that helped her physically recover, but she still had struggles after her treatment was finished. Heather found her confidence in athletics and fueling her body to perform well. Her continued drive to perform well and accomplish her athletic goals motivates her to stay healthy and in top shape. Read her Success Story.


Staying in shape encouraged Heather to want to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. That led her to complete her ACE Personal Trainer certification as well as her Group Exercise and Spartan Strong certifications.


Heather earned a new certification in nutrition from Precision Nutrition. Now she can better help her clients with their nutritional needs.

Running and hiking mountains are two of Heather’s favorite pastimes. She will eat “anything with almond butter smeared on it.” 


When asked about her favorite travel destination, she replied, “I would really love to travel all over the world doing destination Spartan races. Specifically, I would love to run a race in Australia or Sweden.”

Chloe Fellman

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength training, HIIT, boot camp

A New Hampshire native, you’ll usually find Chloe at the gym either training or working out herself. She love traveling any place warm!

This AFAA Certified Personal Trainer brings high energy, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude to each and every training session. Her philosophy is to constantly vary workouts so people are never doing the same workout twice.

​Chloe has been working with Integrated Fitness of Dover since its inception in 2010, and has worked with people from all age groups and fitness levels. She loves teaching group classes and 1-on-1 sessions.

Eating right is important to Chloe, but just like everyone, she needs a splurge every now and then. Her weakness is fish tacos!

Royce Claflin

Coach/Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, nutrition, kinesiology, stretch therapist

Royce L. Claflin is a successful and accomplished personal trainer and strength coach. He has immersed himself in his education, concentrating on mobility and strength. As a result, he has carried a large number of athletes to successful strength accomplishments, while designing programs that heal athletes when practitioners thought it was not possible.

Coach Royce has also earned a reputation among the physical therapy community. His extensive experience in rehab is absolutely unparalleled in the area. Coach Royce has had two shoulder repairs, a spinal fusion, and a hip repair. Surgeons recognize his experience and trust him, and he has worked with clients post spine operation, post knee replacement, shoulder repair, etc. He not only returns rehab clients to full strength, he makes them stronger and more mobile than ever!

Coach has extensive knowledge with metabolism training, physique development, hypertrophy training, and powerlifting. He provides close focused monitored personal training focused on individual needs, specified evaluations, and client goals.

Coach lives in Dover with his wife Sarah, a coach and personal trainer at Integrated Fitness of Dover, and their adorable lop-eared bunny, Tucker. Both Royce and Sarah love their profession and will often be found sharing newly found movements and creating new, modified movements with each other at the studio. You will get to know Team Claflin and their infectious laughs and collaborations throughout your time at Integrated Fitness of Dover!

Sara Claflin

Coach/Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, TRX®

Coach Sara re-discovered her fitness passion after turning 40. Growing up she played several sports and led a pretty active lifestyle. After graduate school, she became less than active and led a sedentary lifestyle.

“Turning 40 was a defining moment for me. It scared me to my core. How could I be 40?  How could I be overweight and so unhappy? Things needed to change, and I knew I was the only one who could make change happen. It took four months after turning 40 to get my head in the game. The only way I can describe it is like a light switch went off. I woke up one day and decided that was the day I was going to take the first step towards a healthier, happy life.”- Excerpt from her article as featured athlete in Natural Bodybuilding Magazine.

Sara joined Coach Royce’s Power drills class and never looked back. Her coach made her accountable and committed to a lifestyle change. Group classes with team members inspired her, and one on one personal training sessions drove her to her goals. Moreover, changing her nutrition allowed her to lose 54 pounds (14 pounds past her goal) before her 41st birthday.

In 2015, Sara competed in natural bodybuilding, winning 1st place, earning her OCB/IFPA Pro card at the Newburyport Yankee Classic. She has since competed in OCB Pine Tree State, where she placed second. She continues to be involved as a judge at OCB bodybuilding shows throughout New England and has trained several clients for their success on stage.

“I realize I began my journey as a 40-year-old woman wanting to improve her health, rekindle a passion for fitness, and to reach goals I thought were reasonably attainable,” said Sara. “However, this journey became more than losing weight, it became a path of discovery, pushing my boundaries, going outside my comfort zone, and exploring new ways of living a full and healthy lifestyle. I love this community, my profession, and I LOVE competing on stage.”


Sara holds all TRX® Qualifications: STC and GSTC, and is the only Certified AGTC TRX – Black Rank instructor in the seacoast area. She is also a certified USAPL Powerlifting Coach and trains athletes for bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Sara has clients from the age of 10 to 65. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, she will help you reach the goals that are best for you!

Sara is known for her positive outright energy, especially when leading group training classes. Some clients have referred to her as the “energizer bunny.” She continues her educate and enhance her fitness knowledge daily to craft the most unique and successful sessions. Sara strives for excellence and brings it into every session and class. Her goal is to support and inspire others, and to contribute to the community that has given her so much.

Sara lives in Dover with her husband Royce Claflin, a coach and personal trainer at Integrated Fitness of Dover, and their adorable lop-eared bunny, Tucker. Both Sara and Royce love their profession and will often be found sharing newly found movements and creating new, modified movements with each other at the studio. You will get to know Team Claflin and their infectious laughs and collaborations throughout your time at Integrated Fitness of Dover!

Tyler Parks

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength training, flexibility and mobility

At 14-years-old, Tyler found out that he had a passion for fitness. It was after he entered the weight room for the first time. At 18, he joined On-site Family Martial Arts in Newington, New Hampshire, to learn traditional Hapkido, which he has been practicing for over 10 years. It was there he trained under Master Emery. Just a few years later, he traveled to South Korea to achieve his black belt. From that point on, his life has been about being healthy, mobile, and strong.

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and CPPS Coach, Tyler brings high enthusiasm and passion into every training session. He loves working one-on-one with people who have different fitness levels as well as teaching group classes.

In the summer, you’ll see him at his favorite vacation spot in Islesboro, Maine. He heads up there every year for the 4th of July week with his fiancée’s family. While there he enjoys tacos and burritos as well as breathing in the clean Maine air! 


Learning about his clients’ interests and fitness goals is very important to Tyler. He is a believer that no matter where you are in life, it is never too late to start your journey to fitness!

Darcy Kent

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength training, flexibility and mobility, TRX®, Zumba®, 55+

Darcy is a native of New England and grew up in a sports-oriented environment. Her father and brother are both golf professionals, one grandfather a pro boxer, and the other is a minor league baseball player. She has been certified for over 30 years, formerly by AAAI, and presently by IFTA, as a master trainer. She also holds a number of specialty certifications.


Darcy loves teaching mind body and aqua formats, dance fitness, boot camps, TRX, and kickboxing. Every class is like adult recess! Creativity is her strong suit. IFTA gets many requests to send Darcy to facilities to train their staff and always gets rave reviews!


Outside of the gym, she is an avid surfer and likes to give surf lessons on her down time. She loves to eat and her favorite foods are chicken and protein balls made with Arbonne’s protein shake. Football is one of her favorite sports and she can’t wait to attend a Patriot’s game!

Did you say travel? She LOVES to travel and hopes to visit Krabi some day. Krabi is located on southern Thailand’s west coast and is a province characterized by craggy, sheer limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and more than 100 offshore islands.


Ron Morrison

Coach/Personal Trainer

Specialties: Strength Training and Powerlifting

Coach Ron is a native of New England and currently living in Maine with his wife and daughter. He enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. If there is a Mexican restaurant in his path, Coach Ron is probably going to stop in for a bite!

As a USAPL Certified Coach, Ron is motivated to help clients at any level of experience. He enjoys the challenge of finding a resolution to an issue preventing a client from achieving his or her goals, with a focus on proper form and individual programming.

Coach Ron was exposed to the sport of powerlifting 10 years ago and was immediately hooked! He started competing in 2016 and found the camaraderie and support from other lifters refreshing. He was the Maine State Powerlifting Champion in 2018 and currently holds multiple Maine state records. 

Just for fun, Coach Ron has completed multiple Tough Mudders and Spartan Races, as well as a Triathlon Sprint.

Kristi Finochiaro-Turcotte

Personal Trainer

Specialties: Group Fitness

After being a member of the YMCA for three years, Kristi decided to become a personal trainer. She even remembers the date—June 8, 2018. She received her certification from ACTION, and started teaching cycle and TRX classes. Over time, she added muscle conditioning to her training at Integrated Fitness of Dover.

Kristi has worked hard to achieve her goals and recently received her certificate in Advanced Nutrition.

Kristi Gets Personal
Hanging out with her small group of workout friends is something Kristi enjoys. Equally as enjoyable is completing many challenges with them. Some of the challenges include 5K runs, a half marathon, and in 2019, a Spartan race.

Kristi has two cats and one dog and her favorite foods are crab, chocolate (Yum!), salads, and fruit.

When asked about her favorite vacation spot, Kristi said, “I grew up at Salisbury Beach, so my heart belongs there.”

Continuing Education
Along with her Personal Training and Advanced Nutrition certificates she has earned, she will have her Life/Health Coach certificate finished this June.

Kristi loves life, and helping and inspiring people. Her favorite saying is "Remember that nobody’s perfect, and nobody needs to be."

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