Trainer Highlight: Royce Claflin, USAPL Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition Coach

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Royce L. Claflin is a successful and accomplished personal trainer and strength coach. He has immersed himself in his education, concentrating on mobility and strength. As a result, he has carried a large number of athletes to successful strength accomplishments, while designing programs that heal athletes when practitioners thought it was not possible. ​

Coach Royce has also earned a reputation among the physical therapy community. His extensive experience in rehab is absolutely unparalleled in the area. Coach Royce has had two shoulder repairs, a spinal fusion, and a hip repair. Surgeons recognize his experience and trust him, and he has worked with clients post spine operation, post knee replacement, shoulder repair, etc. He not only returns rehab clients to full strength, he makes them stronger and more mobile than ever!

Coach has extensive knowledge with metabolism training, physique development, hypertrophy training, and powerlifting. He provides close-focused monitored personal training focused on individual needs, specified evaluations, and client goals.

Coach lives in Dover with his wife Sarah, a coach and personal trainer at Integrated Fitness of Dover, and their adorable lop-eared bunny, Tucker. Both Royce and Sarah love their profession and will often be found sharing newly found movements and creating new, modified movements with each other at the studio. You will get to know Team Claflin and their infectious laughs and collaborations throughout your time at Integrated Fitness of Dover!

Contact us to find out about hiring Coach Royce as your coach.

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