Trainer Highlight: Kristi Finochiaro-Turcotte, Personal Trainer

Specialties: Group Fitness

After being a member of the YMCA for three years, Kristi decided to become a personal trainer. She even remembers the date—June 8, 2018. She received her certification from ACTION, and started teaching cycle and TRX classes. Over time, she added muscle conditioning to her training at Integrated Fitness of Dover.

Kristi has worked hard to achieve her goals and recently received her certificate in Advanced Nutrition.

Kristi Gets Personal

Hanging out with her small group of workout friends is something Kristi enjoys. Equally as enjoyable is completing many challenges with them. Some of the challenges include 5K runs, a half marathon, and in 2019, a Spartan race.

Kristi has two cats and one dog and her favorite foods are crab, chocolate (Yum!), salads, and fruit.

When asked about her favorite vacation spot, Kristi said, “I grew up at Salisbury Beach, so my heart belongs there.”

Continuing Education

Along with her Personal Training and Advanced Nutrition certificates she has earned, she will have her Life/Health Coach certificate finished this June.

Kristi loves life, and helping and inspiring people. Her favorite saying is "Remember that nobody’s perfect, and nobody needs to be."

Contact us to find out about how you can attend one of Kristi's classes.

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