Trainer Highlight: Heather Stover, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Coach, AFFA Group Exercise, and Spartan Strong Instructor. Specialties: Strength training, nutrition, OCR

Heather Stover is a multi-sport athlete who has competed at the highest levels in OCR races, powerlifting, and physique competitions. She discovered that being fit helped her achieve goals she never thought possible. Working towards those goals brought her a great deal of fulfillment and joy.

Learning About Wellness

During her time in college, Heather battled anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, and anorexia. She went through therapy and then two hospital programs that helped her physically recover, but she still had struggles after her treatment was finished. Heather found her confidence in athletics and fueling her body to perform well. Her continued drive to perform well and accomplish her athletic goals motivates her to stay healthy and in top shape. Read her Success Story.

Sharing Knowledge with Others

Staying in shape encouraged Heather to want to share her knowledge with as many people as possible. That led her to complete her ACE Personal Trainer certification as well as her Group Exercise and Spartan Strong certifications.

Heather earned a new certification in nutrition from Precision Nutrition. Now she can better help her clients with their nutritional needs.

Heather Gets Personal

Running and hiking mountains are two of Heather’s favorite pastimes. She will eat “anything with almond butter smeared on it.”

When asked about her favorite travel destination, she replied, “I would really love to travel all over the world doing destination Spartan races. Specifically, I would love to run a race in Australia or Sweden.”

Contact us to find out about how you can hire Heather as your personal trainer.

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