Success Story: April S.

For 10 years I weighed the same. I would diet a few months and deprive myself of food and then binge eat. I would lose 10 lbs. using Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, or other fad diets. I would go on the elliptical and burn 700 calories. But nothing was really sticking or changing. I was stuck at the same weight, even while pregnant with both my kids.

My Aha Moment

A few years ago, I got a nasty infection and had to go to the doctor’s office. They prescribed a strong dose of antibiotics, and told me my blood pressure was really high. I had to go back a few times. They warned me that I needed to start medication. What! Medication? I’m only 35!

Having a Trainer Helped

I’ve known Candace since high school and have follow her fitness and training on Facebook. She suggested we talk, but I wasn’t ready. When I found out I needed medication, that's when I decided to make an appointment with Candace and have a real consultation. She instantly gave me homework; she evaluated me, but most of all, she heard me. Each time we met I learned new things, added more calories, ate more carbs, and did daily workouts with dumbbells at home. Within two months my doctor said I had perfect blood pressure. Moreover, I didn't need to go on medication. I was motivated. I made another appointment with Candace.

Breaking Bad Habits

I am learning how to break bad habits and take control of my life. And not just with my "diet," but with my whole life. The changes I have made are also starting to show on the scale. My measurements have changed and I am changing, too.

The transformation feels more real and lasting than it did when I was on those fad diets. I believe that is because of the flexible eating plan—there’s more forgiveness and less deprivation. Candace knows a lot about nutrition, and added more calories and carbs to my diet. Not to mention, I was shocked that I actually felt better and lost fat!

As we journey into the future, I can't wait to see what Candace and I can accomplish with the help of Integrated Fitness of Dover!

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