Success Story: Heather S.

“I vividly remember the feeling of strength and accomplishment when I made it over that first wall, and rang the bell at the top of the rope.” 

Heather is a multi-sport athlete who has competed at the highest levels in OCR races, powerlifting, and physique competitions. She discovered that being fit helped her feel her best both physically and mentally. But Heather wasn’t always this fit. Just a short 12 years ago she weighed 98 pounds and lacked strength and confidence.

Integrated Fitness of Dover Success Story - Heather S

How It Started

During her time in college, Heather battled through anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, and anorexia. She went through therapy and then two hospital programs that helped her physically recover, but she still struggled mentally well after treatment was completed. Heather was a regular gym goer, but was inconsistent and lacked confidence.

The Beginning of Change

A friend asked Heather to join her team for a Spartan race. Heather agreed but was TERRIFIED! There was no way she could climb up a rope or get over a wall, but this event gave her a reason to train. That first race changed her world. “I vividly remember the feeling of strength and accomplishment when I made it over that first wall, and rang the bell at the top of the rope,” said Heather. “I also loved the comradery and support from all my fellow racers who were experiencing it right alongside me.”

Trying New Things

Because of that first race, Heather was open to trying new things like 5k races, bodybuilding, and powerlifting competitions. And, it gave her the confidence to know that if she put in the work, she could do anything she wanted to do in fitness or in life.

Heather went on to complete 15 Spartan races, 2 Tough Mudders, and qualify for and compete at the OCR World Championships in 2016. She also set RPS Powerlifting World records for her weight class and placed top 3 at a natural figure competition.

Sharing with Others

Now that Heather had confidence and was fit, she wanted other people to experience the same thing. This led her to earn her group exercise certification and teach her first obstacle course training class to help a group of participants get ready for a Tough Mudder. She also taught strength training and circuit style classes and went on to get her Spartan Strong Certification and her ACE Personal Trainer Certification. Now she can help both small groups and individuals.

​Heather says, “It is incredibly rewarding to help people push through their obstacles. Some people have obstacles that happen during a race, while others have trouble showing up and being accountable for their workouts. I help people push themselves harder than ever before.”

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