Powerlifter Gets Back in the Game After Breast Cancer Treatment

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Candace Lord, co-owner of Integrated Fitness of Dover, competed in her first powerlifting meet since finishing her chemo and radiation treatments in mid-December 2019. Held Saturday, February 1 at Fort Fitness in Hampstead, NH, the event brought over 50 male and female athletes from around New England to the competition.

"Today was tough for me," said Candace. "I was a little off my game. But my friends and family were there to remind me how far I've come in such a short time. I am truly grateful to have such a great support system."

Candace won her age division and was overall best lifter, based on the Wilkes score. Her total score was 859.5 pounds with a body weight of 136 pounds.

When asked about competing in future powerlifting meets Candace replied, “I plan to keep competing for the near future. I am currently training for the 2020 INBF Green Mountain Thaw, a bodybuilding show being held in Brattleboro, Vermont this March.”

Candace also plans to teach a new Yoga class for strength athletes at Integrated Fitness.

Learn more about Candace's triumph over breast cancer.

About Integrated Fitness of Dover ​Integrated Fitness of Dover is a private personal training studio located in Dover, New Hampshire. The company works with people from all ages and all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced athletes offering group classes and one-on-one training.

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