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Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Coaches Royce and Sara Claflin

February 3, 2020 – Integrated Fitness of Dover (Integrated Fitness) is excited to add Coaches Royce and Sara Claflin to the team. After five years in business, the couple decided to close their gym (Phoenix) and become part of the Integrated Fitness "Dream Team."

Coach Royce Claflin opened the gym in 2015 with his now wife Sara. Their goal was to take personal and group fitness to an entirely new and exciting level. Royce is a personal trainer and master stretch therapist who brings his extensive experience, philosophy, and knowledge to Integrated Fitness. Royce’s focus is on science-based exercise and nutrition programming.

With more than 17 years' of experience in the fitness industry, Claflin holds many certifications in coaching and strength training. He is a USAPL Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Nutrition Coach. Because of his USAPL certification and wildly successful powerlifting team, Integrated Fitness’ powerlifting classes have returned!

Claflin was very familiar with Integrated Fitness as he joined the team as a personal trainer shortly after its opening in 2012. After a few years, he decided to open his own business, which was very successful.

Jim Materkowski and Candace Lord, Owners of Integrated Fitness of Dover
Jim Materkowski and Candace Lord, Owners of Integrated Fitness of Dover

After suffering a minor injury several years ago, Lord hired Claflin to train her for a powerlifting meet, focusing intensely on form. After a successful re-entry into the powerlifting world, Candace then hired Royce to train her for bodybuilding. When Claflin learned that Lord had purchased Integrated Fitness with her husband Jim Materkowski, he approached them with the idea of merging the two businesses.

“It was a very natural transition,” said Claflin. “Candace and I have known each other for quite some time. I’ve gotten a chance to get to know her on a personal level and see how she runs her business.”

Claflin’s wife Sara, an OCB/IFPA Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Black Rank TRX® Certified trainer, and USAPL Powerlifting Coach, will also be joining the Integrated Fitness team. Other Phoenix personal trainers to join the Integrated Fitness team are Cindy Gilbert and Ron Morrison.

Royce Claflin, Personal Trainer at Integrated Fitness of Dover at a powerlifting meet
Royce Claflin, Personal Trainer at Integrated Fitness of Dover, at a powerlifting meet

“Combining the two businesses made a lot of sense to me,” said Lord. “When Royce approached me about it, I was like ‘when do we start?’ We now have the dream team of coaches and staff, and I am super excited for the future of our business!”

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About Integrated Fitness of Dover

Integrated Fitness of Dover is a private personal training studio located in Dover, New Hampshire. The company works with people from all ages and all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced athletes offering group classes and one-on-one training.

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