Integrated Fitness Partners with Green Alliance

Integrated Fitness of Dover, a private fitness facility located in Dover, New Hampshire (Integrated Fitness), has renewed its membership with the Green Alliance. The purpose of the Green Alliance, based in Ogunquit, Maine, is to promote local business partners that make serious efforts to operate in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious manner. And, those business partners offer discounts to Green Alliance Community cardholders.

Since 2007, Green Alliance Community Cardholders have received benefits and discounts from Green Alliance Business Partners. For example, Integrated Fitness offers 10% off personal training and group classes to the Community Cardholders.

Becoming a Green Alliance Community cardholder shows that you support sustainability, the mission of the Green Alliance, and the local green community, all while saving money. From restaurants to home improvements, those discounts can add up!​

“We are thrilled to partner with the Green Alliance,” said Candace Lord, co-owner of Integrated Fitness. “By partnering with them, we benefit from their marketing efforts. For example, the Green Alliance offers each partner a web presence. Ours is This helps us meet like-minded people!”

Some of Integrated Fitness’s green initiatives are:

  • No single serving plastic cups; can only refill water bottles

  • Microfiber towels rather than paper towels

  • Use of “Who Gives a Crap” toilet paper

  • Both owners drive electric vehicles

About Integrated Fitness of Dover

Integrated Fitness of Dover is a private fitness facility located in Dover, New Hampshire. We work with people from all ages and all levels of fitness from beginners to advanced athletes. IF offers personal training and small group classes.

The IF facility provides an atmosphere that is encouraging and comfortable for our clients to meet with their trainer, allowing them to reach their fitness goals. We also inspire personal trainers and coaches to become the best representation of their trade, reaching their full potential, educationally and financially.

IF conducts business in a way that is in line with good principles. That means we reach out to the community with a helping hand.

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