Integrated Fitness Coaches Lead Team to Powerlifting Success

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

On February 6, the Integrated Fitness of Dover powerlifting team competed at the Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) Winter Classic meet in Fair Haven, Vermont. The team of six lifters was led by Integrated Fitness personal trainer and certified USAPL coach, Ron Morrison. Lifters trained for this meet in Coach Ron’s Strength Training class on Saturday mornings and with programming from Coach Royce Claflin. This event was a great success for the whole team with many new personal bests, state records, and world records set by the team!

Kayla and Ben Vestal share their experience.

I've been lifting weights for a few years but have been more structured and serious about powerlifting since the summer. Classes with Coach Ron really helped me feel ready for the meet. I'm always nervous about that type of stuff, but his encouragement and enthusiasm helped calm me a bit. I wasn't sure what kind of goals to have for the meet, so I was pretty conservative on my lifts, and I was able to get a bunch of PRs (personal records) that day. While everyone was excited to see how easily I moved the weights for the deadlift, my real crowning victory was getting 200 pounds on the squat! I'm really excited to keep working hard to see how much stronger I can get. It's cool to see how much I can lift. And I don't feel like I look bulky or manly, either. - Kayla

I had a great time training with everyone and with Coach Ron. Unfortunately, I hurt myself a week before the meet (not related to training)! Because of that, I couldn't participate, but everyone was super supportive. The team and everyone at the meet were great people to be around. It was a wonderful atmosphere, even though I couldn't compete. It was really exciting watching people you've trained with do well and hit PRs with confidence. I'm still taking it easy, but I'll be training again soon with team Integrated for our next meet! - Ben

If you are in pursuit of becoming stronger, healthier, or to get ready for a powerlifting meet, Strength Training with Coaches Ron and Royce will help you be your personal best. The class focuses on the primary barbell movements, squat, bench and deadlift, with an emphasis on conditioning movements. New and seasoned lifters are welcome to come and master the barbell lifts! Classes run every Saturday, 7:00-9:00 AM with Coach Ron and every other Monday, 6:00-7:30 PM with Coach Royce. Our next team powerlifting event will be April 10-11 at the RPS New England Revolution meet in Natick, MA. Join us!

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