Personal Training


Have you struggled with weight loss? How about the ability to keep the weight off once it’s gone? Is your muscle tone and development not where you would like it to be?

You can achieve your fitness goals and overcome challenges with the help and guidance of a personal trainer. At Integrated Fitness, all trainers are specially certified and focused on helping clients reach their healthy goals. Collectively, the Integrated Fitness training staff has helped hundreds of people lose weight, live better, and achieve their fitness goals. Reaching these goals can be done more quickly than most think possible!

If you are ready to make a positive and healthy change in your life, contact Integrated Fitness to discover how working with our personal trainers can help!

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Who are the trainers?

Learn a bit about each of our trainers.

In-home Training

Afraid of working out at a fitness facility due to Covid-19 concerns? No problem!

Sign up with a personal trainer who does House Calls. We bring the knowledge and

the tools you will need to get a great workout, all in the privacy of your home or home gym.


Initial Consultation is FREE

  • $90 single session

  • One-on-One Training Packages:

    • $80 each session for 12 sessions(typically completed in 1 to 3 month timeframe)

    • $75 each session for 24 sessions (typically completed in a 2 to 6 month timeframe)

    • $70 each session for 48 sessions (typically completed in a 3 to 9 month timeframe)

    • $65 each session for 96 sessions (typically completed in a 6 to 12 month timeframe)

  • Add-on items:

    • Small group training: $20 add-on per additional person

    • Off-site training: $15 service charge per session